We believe

That Spike will achieve redemption through interaction with other characters


"I firmly believe it's his feelings for Buffy that are changing Spike, but only sort of. Had he never been chipped I think Spike would have continued to have an obsessive interest in Buffy without understanding the roots of his attraction. I imagine those feelings would have intensified until one of them killed the other. Except for the chip.

Kind of like those who live on a farm don't usually allow themselves to become emotionally attached to animals meant for slaughter, Spike-as-vampire never had the need or desire to get to know the humans he came in contact with. While I believe his capacity for caring and empathy had been there all along, his instincts for violence were too strong to allow them to show. Once he was chipped, however, it enabled him to spend non-violent time getting to know her and the rest of the Scooby gang. The movements we're now seeing toward
reform/redemption are in part because of his feelings for Buffy but also because of all of his interactions with the humans he now associates with. He's made connections and I don't think he can just walk away from that"


His luv pet:

"I believe that Spike's Redemption has come from and is progressed by his forced interaction with humans, Buffy, Dawn, and others, due to his love for Buffy and the chip. I think that this reintegration into humanity forced his latent 'human-ness' to the forefront. His love for Buffy is 'burning' out his vampire self, leaving only his transformed self. Now, he has even moved beyond internalising Buffy as a moral compass and has begun to see things on his own. He has achieved much, but can do even more"



"Redemption - What does it mean for Spike?

Do I want to see it happen for him? Yes.

Why? Because I like the character, I want to see him satisfied. And at this point, what will satisfy him is Buffy's love, and perhaps more besides...

First, dealing with Buffy's love: I think the biggest barrier to Buffy being comfortable loving Spike and admitting her feelings for him publicly is that the likelihood that if his chip fails, he will start feeding on people again. Aside from being obliged at that point to stake him, she'd have to be disgusted with herself for loving such a creature. So redemption in that context means being able to control his blood lust with the general public (if and it seems likely, when) his chip fails. I think Spike may already have reached this stage, without realizing it.

I like to see his attack on the woman in Smashed as his last attempt to be a killer of humans. He tried it, I think he would have done it if the chip hadn't fired, but it was clearly an effort, not the joy it used to be. So in one way redemption for Spike is to realize/decide that he feels connected enough, not just to Buffy, Dawn and the Scoobies, but to humanity in general, that he no longer wants to snack on people.

Is there more to Spike's redemption than becoming someone Buffy can openly love? I think there is. He has to find a new raison d'etre. He knew who he was as a vampire, he's still figuring out what to do as vampire who empathizes with humans. He's learning to respect this new self. I don't think just being Buffy's boyfriend can be Spike's mission in life. But being Buffy's watcher and Slayer helper would be a good role. He and Buffy just have to realize that it's a job that needs filling, and that Spike is qualified."



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