We believe

That Buffy has an integral part in Spike’s redemption


”Buffy is an integral part of Spike's redemption, I'm convinced. I don't think he realizes this yet, though. And he's going to be mightily pissed off when he does; he's not really happy with all these changes.  Which, you know, is one of the things I love about the storyline. Spike is changing in spite of himself. Love is carving him out from the inside into a new shape, and he's never going to be able to go back to his old shape and have it be comfortable”



“The ironic thing about their relationship as it now stands is that what makes Spike the Bad Boyfriend is not the 'fact' that he's a soulless, evil thing. It's that that is the only role Buffy will let him play. I thought the exchange where Buffy asks him if he thought they were going to sit around reading the paper was particularly telling - Spike hoped that they could suddenly be like a regular couple, and that's the last thing Buffy is ready for”


LA Ward:

“Buffy's confusion and emotional upset are coloring her perceptions. She lashes out at Spike. Spike gets hurt and lashes out. What's not working in the relationship is the fear. If Buffy can get passed her fear then (hopefully) a better pattern could form. Buffy is scared right now. She has to learn to accept herself before she accepts Spike. And I think for Spike to truly evolve much further than he has, he's going to at least need some positive reinforcement and a little acceptance. He's done a darn good job making it this far essentially on his own, but he needs some sense of belonging and connection to others to evolve much further. He needs acceptance. He needs something to lose. As long as he basically has nothing and isn't acknowledged, it's hard to find motivation to change or to maintain the changes he has enacted”



“I suspect what the writers will eventually reveal is that the Slayers and vampires *do* share lineage. They evolved from the same cosmic stuff.

One day, some of the cosmic stuff went out of balance when it decided to consciously chose to emphasize dark over light...hence, what some refer to as evil. This stuff became demonic. In order to maintain the overall cosmic stability, Slayers arose as warriors of light to fight the demons. The fight is eternal as long as the conditions that created the original imbalance exist. Until the demons can be incorporate back into their proper cosmic spot, the battle rages. It's like a stopgap that keeps the current state going, since the original state is no longer possible.

So the Buffy and Spike relationship on some metaphysical level represents an attempt to balance those opposing forces. Their first relationship as mortal enemies replicated the cosmic battle. However, the transition to lovers poses some very interesting questions. Spike's effect on Buffy appears to be to help her become more accepting of her darker nature and to use that as a strength, not a weakness. Buffy called herself 'kind of righteous' in her old incarnation. If she is to continue to exist, she perhaps needs to learn how to bend or she will inevitably break. She needs graying up.

Spike, on the other hand, is becoming more comfortable with the light. Buffy's effect on Spike is to influence him away from patterns of alienation and into patterns of community. Spike tends to bend a little too much. He needs some guidelines, standards, and principles.”



“I feel very optimistic about the role Spike and Buffy can play in helping move each other along the path to becoming more whole - integration and evolution - which I believe naturally supports redemption. Whatever garbage we see deposited by one or the other of them along the way, the clear and sparkling inner reality always seems to poke its head through. They make sense together, as equals eventually, and I'm more engaged in their story now than ever”



“I am obviously for redemption, but as we have said redemption varies for different people. I don't want to see Spike become human or get a soul. I want him to struggle everyday with the decision of whether to be good or bad that day. I want him to stay very much in the gray. I am looking for a Spike like the one in “100 Years of Solitude”. He was still very much a jerk, because face it, Spike is a jerk (and we love him for it), but he was fighting the good fight. He didn't mind using methods others may find distasteful, because the ultimate outcome was good. I like reading about hugs and puppies Spike every once and a while, but I don't really buy it. He has to maintain his edge, or he won't be Spike anymore.

I also feel his relationship with Buffy will be the motivator he needs to change. No one can change all alone with no support. I know some people argue that he will not be reformed until he is doing good because it is the right thing to do, instead of what Buffy would want him to do. I however disagree. How many of us actually do good because it is the right thing to do? I know I don't very often. Usually, I am doing good because I am afraid of what will happen if I get caught doing bad, or someone I love wants me to do it, or it will get me more money, or more friends. Rarely is it because it is the right thing to do. So doing good for love, to me, is perfectly acceptable”



“If ME does go down this path, I see Spike as a major part of Buffy’s life in her regaining her humanity. After all, he reeks of it. Spike is no longer beneath her because they are essentially the same. He understands her. He's been where she's been - from clawing out of her coffin to her lack of emotions ("I died so many years ago" -OMWF), and I believe he's going to be the one guiding her, the one to show her both the light and dark intertwined in her, that her the measure of a person is determined by his actions, and not nature.

In the words of William Ernest Henley--

"I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul."

Ironic how the bad boy, the one that everybody says is wrong, could essentially be the right one for the Slayer”



“And we must remember, above all else, that Spike is a vampire - without a soul. He will say and do things that aren't appropriate for us human folk, but never doubt that there's a reason for his nastiness. It could be reverse psychology or even he's just pissed, but there's always a reason. He loves Buffy, and right now she's the one that's abusing him. And maybe he's just reacting to the situation. It's not in him not to do anything. Right now, their relationship isn't pretty, but why should it be? Buffy is not in a good place right now, and she's the one that sets the tone of their relationship. And she's the one that has the power. She's physically stronger and ultimately knows that Spike knows that as well. That, along with his aired feelings for her, leaves her in the position to be the dominant one”



“Every time Evil!Spike makes an appearance in my mind, there is another image that pops in and erases all the badness.... and that image is in the Vampire's lair/warehouse scene in Crush when Buffy is about to storm out and Spike runs ahead of her to open the door for her. "What is this?" she asked. "Oh, I wasn't thinking," he said. THAT is the Spike I think of. Without even thinking, his instinct is to be a gentleman. To me, that is the essence of Spike at his core, without all his "issues", damage and window dressing. So, no matter how the writers try to pull me down the path of mistrust and doubt, Spike opens the door for me every time.”



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