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Latest news – March 19, 2003
Now Shooting: Episode 21 (Episode 20 will start filming next week)

Latest Rumors:

My apologies for the long hiatus.

I have episode 21 information that will undoubtedly be volatile among Buffy fans, particularly the shipper communities. Please keep in mind that we do not have information on episode 20 yet, other than what we can surmise from the episode 21 information. Also, this information is subject to change.

Episode 21 begins in a sewer with a bomb about to go off as Faith and several Potentials, including Kennedy, are nearby. The bomb goes off as everyone dives for cover. Elsewhere, Buffy easily removes a Scythe from a rock as Caleb watches. He wants her to give it to him, but she won't. The First appears in Buffy's form to Caleb and tells him to let Buffy go; they'll get the Scythe later when her back is turned. Willow, Xander, Anya and Dawn return to the Summers home having failed to find Buffy. At the site of the bomb blast, Faith is unconscious and various other Potentials are dead and injured. The Potentials (carrying Faith) flee two Ubervamps coming after them. The Ubervamps have the Potentials cornered when Buffy arrives and dispatches them with the Scythe. The Potentials are in awe of Buffy.

Everyone, including Buffy, returns to the Summers home. We learn that the bomb in the sewer was a trap. Buffy starts to take charge again. Later, she asks Xander to do something for her. Xander doesn't seem happy about it because he wanted to be with her at the end. Buffy says she is counting on him. Willow and Giles are trying to do research on the Scythe. Giles wants Willow to draw power from the Scythe, but Willow is afraid of losing control again. Xander is in the car with Dawn and they talk. Suddenly, he puts a handkerchief over her mouth--he's drugged her so she's unconscious. The First and Caleb merge so that Caleb can be strong again.

Faith and Buffy talk about the scythe and how to be a Slayer is to be alone because they can't share the burden. As Buffy goes downstairs, she runs into Spike coming in the front door. She is unsure how to act because of the night before. She shows him the Scythe. Spike says it's the kind of thing a girl ditches a guy for. Buffy apologizes. Spike says it's ok, "last night was ... just a little cold comfort from the cellar dweller--let's don't make a thing of it." Buffy says fine, she has work to do. As they walk away from each other, Buffy turns back and tells him he's a dope. She tells him that "the reason I'm holding [the Scythe] is 'cause of you. Because of last night, the strength you gave me." She doesn't know how he feels about last night but ... Spike says he is terrified. He tells her it was the "best night of [his] life":

"I've lived for sodding ever, Buffy. I've done everything--I've done things with you I can't SPELL, but I've never...been close. To anyone, least of all you...Until last night. All I did was hold you, and watch you sleep, and it was the best night of my life. So I'm, yeah. Terrified."

She says he doesn't have to be terrified. He asks if she was there with him, and she says she was. When he asks her what it means, she wonders if it has to mean something. That breaks the feeling of closeness between them, and he withdraws a bit. She says "Maybe, when --," but he wants to just leave it. He says they'll go be heroes, then leaves as she watches him go.

Andrew and Anya have gone to the hospital to get supplies, and they talk about whether they will survive. Buffy goes to a cemetery and finds a tomb in which she finds an older woman, dressed in white. She's been waiting for someone to get the Scythe, which was made secretly without the knowledge of the Shadow Men. She tells Buffy to use the Scythe wisely to fight evil. Caleb shows up and snaps the woman's neck.

Xander gives Dawn a letter from Buffy, telling her that Buffy wanted to send her away to protect her. Dawn uses a stun gun on Xander and turns the car back around to Sunnydale. Buffy fights Caleb, and Angel shows up to help. "Heard maybe you needed a hand," he says. Buffy fights Caleb some more. After, Angel asks her to tell him she's glad to see him. She hugs him, then they kiss, tenderly at first, then a real kiss. As they kiss, we see that Spike is watching, the First-as-Buffy next to him. The First says judgmentally , "That bitch," and the last shot of the episode is Spike's pained face.

Join me in the Crypt of Decryption:

It's going to be a long two months until the series finale. If by chance the closely guarded season finale information becomes available, that would happen in mid-April.

Obviously, something very meaningful--but non-sexual--happened between Buffy and Spike in episode 20. We can guess that after episode 19, when Buffy leaves the Summers house having been replaced as leader by the Scoobies and Potentials, that Spike goes after her.

I know I will be accused of spinning these developments in a positive way for fans of Spike, but I cannot believe that Angel's appearance at the end of episode 21 signals that Buffy will dump whatever is happening with Spike to be with Angel. In fact, I'm more concerned by the First's comment that Caleb can retrieve the Scythe when Buffy's back is turned--perhaps to deal with the complications of her romantic life. I am, frankly, surprised that episode 21 ends with such an emphasis on Buffy's romantic life. The question we are left with at the end of episode 21 is how Spike will act. It seems obvious that the First wants to create conflict between Buffy and Spike--which should indicate that their being together is a good thing. I suppose the finale of the series could involve Buffy and Angel reunited, fighting against an Evil Spike, but that seems very unlikely. I think it far more likely that the finale will involve Spike having to act good despite great temptation and Buffy having to decide between her past and her future.

How Willow, Xander, Giles, Dawn and Faith fit in, I don't know. I was kind of surprised at the lack of plot for these characters, though Dawn seems to be set to do something significant in the finale. I also suspect Willow will have to use her magic and connect with the positive energy of the earth as Giles has been suggesting she should do.

My apologies for skipping over information on episodes 18 and 19. I will try to catch up on those episodes soon.

Scheduled writers and episode titles:

Episode #17: David Fury and Drew Goddard
Title: Lies My Parents Told Me

Episode #18: Drew Goddard
Title: Dirty Girls

Episode #19: Drew Z. Greenberg
Title: Empty Places

Episode #20: Writer Unknown
Title: Unknown

Episode #21: Doug Petrie and Jane Espenson
Title: End of Days

Episode #22: Joss Whedon
Title: Chosen

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