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Latest news – December 7, 2002
Now Shooting: Episode 12

Latest Rumors:

Posted by Drew Goddard on the Bronze Beta on 12-4-02

Other answers to questions – Spike’s trigger song was simply picked at random and it will in no way play an important part in upcoming episodes this season. Or, perhaps, something else is true.

The Watcher’s Council blew up. They all died. Sorry for any confusion.

And we’ve got some good stuff for Xander coming up. In fact, we just shot a Xander scene that gave me chills to watch. Speaking as a longtime fan of this show, I think there are some things in it that’ll make you happy.

You guys rule. This zombie stuff is really helpful. I don’t want to give away too much, but in episode 13 we may see a zombie fight a shark. Yes, it’s been done before – it may even be a little clichéd – but I think you’ll find we’ve got a twist on it that makes it all worthwhile.

Posted by Spoiled Rotten on 12-5-02

Today at the Buffy studios in Santa Monica, they were filming a nighttime graveyard scene. The tarp covering half of the fence has come down, so passersby have a fairly good view into the complex. The front parking lot had been turned into a graveyard. Our correspondent in Santa Monica didn't have a clear view of everything going on, but Sarah Michelle Gellar and Michelle Trachtenberg were there (wearing dark colored coats) and at least one of the SITs. One thing being filmed was fight sequence with a teenage girl, with red hair pulled back in a ponytail (who we're assuming is one of the SITs, but our correspondent didn't recognize her).

Posted by Sweetie on Crumbling Walls on 12-6-02

Giles arrives with three SITs (Slayers in Training). The first has been tracking slayers and killing them. All SITs are now heading toward Sunnydale.

Annabelle dies. Molly and Kennedy are the other two - one seems to have a slight tiff with Buffy for not killing Faith, so there is tension. I think she is the next destined slayer. She seems sort of a lot like Buffy.
I think some people may know this already, but the script wants you to believe that Giles is dead. It says something like:

[WARNING: Pay CLOSE attention to GILES. Don't let him TOUCH anyone or anything. Be aware of this at ALL times.]

This could either mean
1) He's really dead and is in the 1st Evil form.
2) The writer's just want us to think he's dead, so they're careful that he doesn't come in contact with anything.

Personally, I think Giles is alive and kicking, but that's just because I love him so.

Spike: Tortured by "Nosferatu" and the First talks to him in the form of Dru. Spike seems very much saner in this episode, clear headed. Dialogue about how much he is trying to change for Buffy (which I'll get later). The poor guy gets completely mauled in this episode - worse than what Glory did to him. I hear there's some pretty sick and violent stuff that might not even get to air. It doesn't look like he get rescued in this episode, but he most likely will in the next. But that doesn't mean Buffy doesn't try.

I don't have much on the gang (Will, Xander, Anya), except they pretty much play their typical comedic sidekick rolls. I don't have any info on Dawn, which doesn't bother me because I personally find her dreadful this season.

Giles sort of leads Buffy to the old x-mas lot in Amends. This is where she gets her a$$ ALL kinds of kicked. It's not pretty. Annabelle dies at the hands of the thing. The gang finds Buffy thrashed out of her mind. She heals and does what Travers basically did and said their declaring war on the first.

Andrew tells the gang about the seal in the school basement. No one is there and the gang covers it up. There is a great scene with Principal Wood and Buffy in the school halls.

I hear the end seems very over the top, as Buffy gives the gang a pep talk of some sort. It's somewhat corny dialogue, but delivered right or changed by SMG at the last second could make it right.

Posted by Sweetie on Crumbling Walls on 12-6-02

Joanna - Yes, Buffy does tell the SITs not to stake Spike if they see him. She pretty much says something like, "Don't stake him, he's our only link to the First."

Supposedly, she's not too worked up about Spike's disappearance. She's not really "We have to save him!" but more "he's our only link, yada yada"... this is what my source says anyway, and he's not the biggest Spuffy shipper. He's not anti, but he's not a huge fan. So there may be more emotion or worriedness in her voice (us Spuffers tend to view things in a more pro-S/B light ). I can guarentee it's a wonderfully Spuffilicious episode though.

Also another intersting thing: there's some hints that Willow might hook-up with one of the SITs. Kennedy, I think. I guess you can defintely feel the vibes between them.

Join me in the Crypt of Decryption:

Sweetie has posted information on Fan Forum that confirms much of what my anonymous source reported regarding episode 10. I have some additional details:

Joyce appears twice to Buffy in her dreams. In the first dream, Buffy believes her mother is the First. In the second dream, Joyce tells Buffy that evil cannot be defeated. It is everywhere.

Buffy seems worried about Spike. Not excessively, but she kn
ows the First has him, and she wants to get Spike away from the First.

I also have some information on episode 11:

Juliet Landau does not appear in episode 11, nor does the Master.

The SiTs are demoralized by the events of the previous episode and are egged on by a troublemaker.

Giles and Anya seek information from a supernatural source who tells them that the reason why the First is acting now is because of a vulnerability in the Slayer line.

Spike continues to resist the First, who is tormenting him in the form of Buffy. However, at the end of the episode, Buffy comes for Spike. This is not a long, actiony scene but rather something short, quiet and sweet.

And some information on episode 12:

This episode takes place some time after 11, as Spike has mostly healed and is helping Buffy train the SiTs.

When Buffy thinks she's hurt Spike during a training demonstration, their closeness is obvious, especially to the SiTs. Later, when talking to another character, she indicates she knows her relationship with Spike is over, but that confuses her.

Willow does a spell to locate a Potential Slayer in Sunnydale, and the signs point to Dawn, who bravely faces her destiny.

We've seen the sides showing that Buffy and Spike take the SiTs to a demon bar. Well, of course, everyone's favorite demon, Clem, is there.

Drew Goddard indicated at the Bronze Beta that a scene had been filmed with Xander that gave him chills and would please longtime fans. My source suggests the scene is probably the final scene of the episode, where Xander talks with Dawn. It's apparently a beautiful scene very true to Xander's character, where he discusses how he has been part of the Scoobies for seven years but never had superpowers like all the others. Dawn tells him he is special even without superpowers. This is very much a Xander-Dawn bonding scene.

Scheduled writers and episode titles:

Episode #10: Marti Noxon and Doug Petrie
Title: Bring on the Night

Episode #11: David Fury
Title: Showtime

Episode #12: Rebecca Rand Kirshner
Title: Potential

Episode #13: Drew Z. Greenberg
Title: TBA

Episode #14: Jane Espenson
Title: TBA

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