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Latest news – August 22, 2002
Now Shooting: Episode 3

Latest Rumors:

Posted by The Oracle on the BC&S Spoiler Board on 8-16-02

NEW - In front of a still-clueless Buffy, Spike "attacks" Anya to prove his evilness when Anya realizes he has a soul.

NEW - Xander talks Anya into undoing the curse on the worm man.

NEW - Buffy is introduced to her new job at the school, but her Slayer job becomes an obstacle to her actually starting work.

Posted by Wanda on E!Online on 8-19-02

From karaph: On Buffy, does Spike's soul make a difference to the Scoobies?
Not to Buffy. At least, not in the beginning. Word is he keeps it a secret from her.

From biggestbuffyfan: Anything extra on Buffy--any tidbits?!
You may have heard by now that we see more of Emma Caufield (Anya) this season. It begins in episode four, where the focus is largely on Anya. We see a flashback of her, and she's singing.

From davidyboy: I am cringing at the thought of more Dawn. Tell me it won't last.
It's looking to be a very good season, so don't worry, my friend. Dawn is far more tolerable, and she's only the focus in the first episode. Episodes two, three and four are not Dawn-centric.

Reported by Leah on 8-17-02

We went [to the Buffy studio] last night (8-16) and the night before. On Thurs. we saw the stunt people practicing a stunt and then we went back the next night and we saw them filming the stunt and we heard some (very little but loud) dialogue.

What we saw was someone suspended from wires on a crane so it looks like the character is being chased up a fire escape ladder on a brick building. The ladder gives way and it looks like the person falls off or is
knocked down by someone swinging from the falling persons right side. We were in the parking lot next door so we couldn't see who it was for sure but the person on the ladder was a female who had mudium length
blondish brown hair and was wearing jeans and a tan/brown duster type jacket and she was carrying a tan purse. She yelled "Stop. Somebody help me." I thought it was Michelle Trachtenberg at first with SMG's stunt
double being the swinger to knock her down but the voice just wasn't right. So I'm thinking it is the new female character.

Join me in the Crypt of Decryption:

Leah's report is of the filming of a stunt in a scene in episode 2. I think it involves Nancy, the VOW (victim of the week) being chased by the MOW (the monster of the week, the Worm). I don't think the swinger is knocking her down but is instead Buffy saving her.

I have some additional information culled from various sources.

The Return of the Big Bads seems to involve some being that shapeshifts and takes the form of
various Big Bads of the past. But it's not as simple as that. It happens in the presence of Spike, and as you may know, he's not all that sane in episode 1.

Can I retract/reformulate a spoiler from SZ? When I said that in episode 2 "Dawn threatens to stake Spike" I meant that "Dawn threatens to kill Spike."

Buffy has a brief flashback to the attempted rape during a conversation with Spike.

Spike tells Buffy that he went to Africa to get a soul.

Spike burns himself on a cross out of guilt and remorse.

I've also heard that Halfrek appears in at least two episodes this season, including the premiere. However, I do not believe she is in episode 2.

A report from Comic Con says that James Leary has been contacted about his availability this season. The earliest he would appear would probably be episode 3, but we have no confirmation yet.

And if I may plug one of the Spoiler Community's finest contributors....

Dori, who writes the wonderful Spikefeeds, posted under each episode here, has co-written one of the Buffy novels, which is now published. You can purchase her novel, These Our Actors, here:


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I'm sure Melissa will have a direct link to Dori's book on the above site once she's back from a holiday weekend.

Scheduled writers and episode titles:

Episode #1: Joss Whedon
Title: Lessons

Episode #2: Douglas Petrie
Title: Beneath You

Episode #3: Jane Espenson
Title: Same Time, Same Place

Episode #4: Rebecca Rand Kirshner
Title: Help Updated 8-23-02

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