Headline: "Season Big Bad Revealed (soilers) [sic]"

6 April -- "'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' has long been known for its fresh, witty, and terrifying writing and acting. This tale about a young girl who must battle evil on a daily basis, yet still find time to fit in a social life and school/career, has evolved brilliantly over the last five seasons. Loyal viewers have followed it from its infancy, through adolescence, and even to another network.

"This season, approximately half over, had not revealed its 'Big Bad'...until now. According to Joss Whedon, creator and mastermind behind this runaway TV hit, the writing staff had to make some hard choices this year to keep the show new and fresh.

"Whedon explains, 'We've had Master vampires, Good turned Evil, deadly politicians, a modified Frankenstein's monster, then a real Goddess. What can you possibly follow that with?' Apparently, the next Evil for Buffy to battle, along with her devoted followers, is the new Executive Producer of the show herself.

"'It was easy to make the audience hate [Marti Noxon]. We purposely planted innumerable inconsistencies into the weekly scripts, making the characters act very, well, out of character. We even had the hero in a mental institution and beating up a defenseless man.'

"According to Noxon, 'They hate me. They really do. I've managed to tick off the Angel fans, the Spike fans, the Willow fans, the...well, pretty much the whole lot of them. I've never seen so much bitterness in my life. Just check out some of those posting boards. Sheesh! So, I guess I'm doing a good job. I mean, I'm the one Big Bad you just can't defeat.'"

"'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' plays on Tuesday nights at 8pm EST, on UPN."

- Taramisu


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