BTVS-Tabula Rasa List Rules

This list was created when the Bloody Awful Poet Society list was (temporarily) closed on December 31, 2001.

We, your moderators, believe that Spike will be redeemed through his interactions with other characters and specifically, through his interactions with Buffy as she progresses on her hero's journey. You're welcome to post about other thoughts on redemption too, but we know from other lists that the moderators' opinions often carry weight. So full disclosure from us.

There are remarkably few rules.


1. It's.All.About.Spike

As long as it's got something to do with our bad boy and his development as a character, let's discuss it. That includes understanding the episodes as a whole, even if the stories don't directly appear to impact Spike.

We think it's important to understand the season in a holistic fashion in order to truly understand Spike's arc. So, for example, if you want to discuss the latest spoilers and they don't apply specifically to Spike, we won't smack your hands. ;). Power to the People.


2. Treat.Others.As.You.Want.To.Be.Treated

Stay away from personal attacks. The moderators can be meaner than you. First time you will be barred from posting for a week. Second time you will be barred permanently. We reserve the right to bar persistent offenders from other lists.


3. If.It.Airs.We.Can.Discuss.It.

This is a (notionally) PG-13 list, and minors are permitted to read the posts. Therefore, do not post anything inappropriate on list. If you want to talk smut, go to the chatroom. And post an announcement to the list so we can come talk smut too :-)


4. Expect.To.Get.Spoiled

This is a spoiler-friendly list. That means we welcome and encourage the posting of spoilers, or of links to spoiler sites. As a courtesy to people who don't read spoilers, we try to say SPOILER in the header of posts that contain spoilers. Sometimes we make mistakes, and we're very sorry. But you have been warned.


5. Related Lists

Here are some other lists that you may be interested in.

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