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RRK photos -- from Buffy magazineRebecca Rand Kirshner

Hooray for RRK, one of the Buffyverse's extremely talented writers.

At Tabula Rasa, we love Rebecca because she gave us the episode from which we took our name. (It's also the episode that spawned Giles/Anya shippers!) We'd really like to adopt her as our Patron Saint, if she'll have us.

In Season 6, she also wrote the heartrending Hells Bells.

In Season 5, Rebecca wrote

  • 5.04 Out of My Mind (This is the episode where we find out that Spike is in love with Buffy!)
  • 5.09 Listening to Fear
  • 5.19 Tough Love

Joss is just such a master of storytelling. Every time I sit in there and am going, 'It could go this way, or it could go that way,' Joss will come in like a carpenter and put the two things together and you go, 'That's a well-made chair. I will now sit in it.'

(RRK, quoted in Buffy magazine)

Rebecca herself posted at the Bronze Beta just after Tabula Rasa aired - November 15, 2001

According to an interview in Buffy magazine, Rebecca wrote a lot as a child. She likes to take long baths while writing, but sometimes ties herself into her chair to force herself to write. She likes working with hard copy.

At some point in the past, she worked as a coverage writer. (IE, she did PR work)

We found some on-line interviews with Rebecca. We'd love to do our own, Rebecca - if you read this please get in touch!!!

Rebecca also wrote (with Mira Friedmann) the story "Sonnenblume" in the Tales of the Slayers graphic novel

Other Rebecca references:


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