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1. How do you see Spike and Buffy's relationship playing out?
Angsty all the way. I've still got Joss' famous words, "give them what they need and not what they want". And he went on to say about the Sam/Diane thing and not doing that. I see S/B as almost or getting together by Ep.17 and then something comes at them full speed ahead. Faith is in the last 5 eps so they will devote time to her and so I think we'll either get Spuffy happiness and as Marti said something shocking towards the end that'll break our hearts or perhaps they will truly surprise and just when we think Spike is dust and Buffy's tear-stained face is so sad we'll find out that Spike will come out of this alive and human to boot making for a wonderful end.

2. How do you see Willow and Kennedy's relationship playing out?
I can see them becoming close. I don't think Willow will be in love with Kennedy at first. I think this will have to come gradually. Or she will think she's in love with Kennedy and then realise that it isn't really love but solace love since Tara's death.

3. How do you see Xander and Anya's relationship playing out?
I don't see it ending happily either with EC leaving for real unless BTVS ends for good with no spinoff then I could see them finally walk into the sunset together. They will probably the closest to a happy relationship that we'll get from Joss.

4. Who will be the Slayer by the end of episode 22?
I'm not really sure until I see them play out their roles. Kennedy could be it or perhaps that black slayer who could get involved with P. Wood down the road depending on a spinoff.

5. What will Robin Wood do?
I hope he will realise that Spike is a great help and needed to defeat the FE and unlike Holtz he will back away from vengeance for the good of the world and saving SunnyD from being swallowed up.

6. Will Giles be revealed to be the First ?
Nah, Giles is Giles as always.

7. Who else will the First appear as? I'm hoping it will appear as
Adam and the Mayor especially with Faith in town probably feeling guilty too.

8. Will Andrew survive the season?
I say yes he will and meet some nice demon guy and take off for parts unknown.

9. Will the visions of Joyce be revealed to be hallucinations, or Helpful Ghosts, or manifestations of the First?
I think Joyce will turn out to be evil but telling the truth in a subtle like manner. After all, Willow said evil tells the truth and Willow did say many truths when she was bad last season.

10. Will any former villains appear again?
Perhaps Dru.

11. Will Real Drusilla appear again?
I don't know.

12. Will Spike end the series as vampire, human, dust, or hybrid?
I see him ending the series as a human. In order for Angel to go on there must be angst and what angst it would cause him to find out that above losing Cordy his great love, he's lost his former love Buffy to Spike who's shanshued.

13. Will any of the Scoobies go evil again?
I really don't think so.

14. Will we see Tara again?
I doubt it.

15. What will bring Faith to Sunnydale?
Because Faith will receive some skeptic info from Angelus concerning what's going on in SunnyD before he reverts back to his old Angel self and this will lead Faith to SunnyD to see Buffy and others.

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