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1. How do you see Spike and Buffy's relationship playing out?
I posted in more detail in my Spuffy Future post, but I reiterate that they will not be together physically, whether it be separation (which I think) or death (which I hope not.) But regardless of what happens love will be flowing from both of them for an eternity, a true epic love story. That's my mission statement and it will be my mission statement through Faith and the Wood.

2. How do you see Willow and Kennedy's relationship playing out?
Cleansing relationship for Willow. It will heal her somewhat. And it will piss off the Kittens somthing terrible. But one of the themes this season is life goes on.

3. How do you see Xander and Anya's relationship playing out?
Alas, only in Alexander Harris's lonely dreams...

4. Who will be the Slayer by the end of episode 22?
I'd better see some Fray continuity that's all I got to say. And it would dillute Buffy's story something terrible if she isn't the one to finally seal the Hellmouth.

5. What will Robin Wood do?
Two scenarios. The first and most popular one is that Wood will see Spike's remorse and forgive him, or at least accept him as part of the team against a more dangerous enemy.
But the evil part of me wants to see Buffy save Spike's life by killing Wood. Buffy made a speech about war and that will be her defense, and she would slip further into the darkness as a pure Slayer. Not only that but she will be in Spike and Angel's shoes now as a former killer, no more defenses. And finally, it may separate Spike for a time. How does he forgive his love of something that he himself has not forgiven about himself? But he proves himself and his love by saving Buffy before she permanently falls into her own darkness.
Of course, this season has been All About Buffy so I think the first scenario is more believable. As for Spike getting killed by Wood please refer to the last sentence of my answer to question #1. Thank you. ;)

6. Will Giles be revealed to be the First?
Nah. Giles is human, befuddled, and Ripper through and through! But he will not survive the final battle.

7. Who else will the First appear as?
There's speculation by WtP that Snyder may return, at least that's one of the popular interpretations of that code of his. I think we will see more pseudo-Buffy and the its face will be revealed. My guess is as a really large spider or a clown.

8. Will Andrew survive the season?
The last of the trio will fall heroically.

9. Will the visions of Joyce be revealed to be hallucinations, or Helpful Ghosts, or manifestations of the First?
I think it's Joyce come back as a helpful spirit. I still love her statements to Buffy. Very much the words of a patient presence that has gained other wordly wisdom. I couldn't help but think of the Stage Manager in Our Town when he tells Emily not to go back.

10. Will any former villains appear again?
Oh yeah!

11. Will Real Drusilla appear again?
I'd love to see it, but doubtful. Spike's arc has surpassed his meeting with Dru.

12. Will Spike end the series as vampire, human, dust, or hybrid?
Human. Too many hints.

13. Will any of the Scoobies go evil again?
Maybe Xandman or Dawn. Love it to be Dawn. How much do you love your sister, Buffy? Would you sacrifice her as your Issac to save the world this time now that she's turned Big Bad? (Evil grin)

14. Will we see Tara again?
No, damn your insensitivity ME.

15. What will bring Faith to Sunnydale?
A whole lotta Duhhhhhhhh! and some Hummuna Hummuna Hummuna!

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