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1. How do you see Spike and Buffy's relationship playing out?
I think Buffy will eventually work her way around to admitting she loves Spike. And that together they will manage to save the world. But they'll probably both die in the process. I'm sort of okay with that ending.

2. How do you see Willow and Kennedy's relationship playing out?
I think Willow still has a lot of issues to work though about herself and about Tara's death. But I suspect ME intends W/K to work out eventually. I think if there's a spinoff show, they'll be on it.

3. How do you see Xander and Anya's relationship playing out?
It's looking like it won't really be playing out much at all.

4. Who will be the Slayer by the end of episode 22?

5. What will Robin Wood do?
Eventually, he'll choose to forgive Spike. At least to a limited degree (say, the degree to which Giles has forgiven Angel).

6. Will Giles be revealed to be the First?
I doubt it.

7. Who else will the First appear as?
The Mayor (to Faith). Maybe Hallie/Cecily (to Anya or Spike).

8. Will Andrew survive the season?
No. Killing Jonathan was his "popping the head off the Fett". He's going to have to die.

9. Will the visions of Joyce be revealed to be hallucinations, or Helpful Ghosts, or manifestations of the First?
Buffy's Joyce - Slayer dream
Dawn's Joyce - FE

10. Will any former villains appear again?
In reality ? I doubt it.

11. Will Real Drusilla appear again?
Probably not.

12. Will Spike end the series as vampire, human, dust, or hybrid?
Dust. Or vampire.

13. Will any of the Scoobies go evil again?
Willow might border on it, but not really.

14. Will we see Tara again?
Joss would probably love to pull a surprise there, but I don't see it happening.

15. What will bring Faith to Sunnydale?
Slayer dream.

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