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1. How do you see Spike and Buffy's relationship playing out?
Buffy will fall in love with Spike, and there will be some tentative and tender steps toward a relationship, but she will put a firm stop to any further progress until the BB is dispatched. Then she'll die.
OR She will tell him she wants to pursue her dreams of becoming an Olympic figure-skater, or suburban housewife, or fill-in-the- blank, instead of embracing a life of risk and adventure with a sexy, undead second-in-command.
OR Buffy will choose Angel.
OR Buffy will choose *anything* other than Spike, because he's her attempted rapist and I don't think ME have the cojones to put them together in a happy pairing.
(I'd love to see them end up together, so I'd really like to be wrong on this one.)

2. How do you see Willow and Kennedy's relationship playing out?
I think they'll be a couple till the end, with both surviving the season. It will build slowly, but will be based around friendship and support, and will NOT be characterized by baby-talk. (Thank goodness!)

3. How do you see Xander and Anya's relationship playing out?
This one is tough because I think they still love each other, but neither is ready for a marriage commitment yet. I think they will become good and supportive friends, until ME slaughters them both during the final few episodes.

4. Who will be the Slayer by the end of episode 22?
Some young girl we haven't seen yet. (Buffy will have given up her calling or died.) When Joss said he'd written the last scene, I predicted it would be of a Watcher walking up to a young girl and beginning to tell her about her calling, and that the Watcher in question would be Spike. The idea of the former slayer of slayers becoming a protector of slayers has a poetic symmetry to it. Joss *has* to do this now that Spike has a soul. :g:

5. What will Robin Wood do?
Tough question. He seems like a decent person, but he will hate Spike with the heat of 1,000 suns (forgiveness is out in this case, I believe), and he will despise Buffy for being involved with Spike in any capacity. I think he'll work with Buffy to defeat the FE, but will be biding his time till he can kill Spike. He'll try, and he'll fail (I bloody well hope!) but he *might* accidently kill Buffy in the attempt. That would put Buffy's death directly at Spike's door in a manner that has a Shakespearean irony to it of the kind I think Joss would love.

6. Will Giles be revealed to be the First?
No. Giles is still Gilesey-Giles IMO, and he's one of the few characters I'd bet on surviving the season. Joss killed Buffy's mother, so I don't think he'd kill her surrogate father as well. Unless he's sucking the whole of Sunnydale into the hellmouth, Espresso Pump and all.

7. Who else will the First appear as?
Glory, the Master, Joyce, Jonathan, Jesse, maybe Adam.

8. Will Andrew survive the season?
No. (And they can't get rid of the little weasel fast enough for me. The writers are so enamored of that twerp that they're giving him all the comic lines. Aargh!)

9. Will the visions of Joyce be revealed to be hallucinations, or Helpful Ghosts, or manifestations of the First?
The First.

10. Will any former villains appear again?
The Master, Glory, Adam.

11. Will Real Drusilla appear again?
No. She and Spike are sooo over.

12. Will Spike end the series as vampire, human, dust, or hybrid?
I think vampire, but wouldn't mind seeing him human. Please not dust! <sniff>

13. Will any of the Scoobies go evil again?
No. They are going to be at their very best as a teamworky team, right till they start falling like... fallen soldiers. <sniff>

14. Will we see Tara again?

15. What will bring Faith to Sunnydale?
Very good question, and I really have no idea. If the team in L.A. were to learn of the attack being made on the slayer line, it would be ludicrous for them not to pile into vehicles and come running to Sunnydale. Wild guess? A shared dream with Buffy that tells her Buffy needs her, but she's not totally sure for what.

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