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1. How do you see Spike and Buffy's relationship playing out?
Moving toward romance with glacial slowness.

2. How do you see Willow and Kennedy's relationship playing out?
Kennedy is so agressive that, sooner or later, she's going to meet Willow's control issues. Who will win?

3. How do you see Xander and Anya's relationship playing out?
I don't know if Anya will move back to Xander or move on to Giles. If there's a heroic death in store for Anya, then I'd expect her to reconcile with Xander shortly before said Blaze of Glory. If Anya just leaves, she may become the Ripper's never-seen girlfriend.

4. Who will be the Slayer by the end of episode 22?
Please, not Dawn. (I'm hoping that the SiTs aren't as annoying as they are in order to make Dawn look better.)

5. What will Robin Wood do?
Be revealed as some Earth power and go off into the mists after an "everything's connected" speech.

6. Will Giles be revealed to be the First?

7. Who else will the First appear as?
I'm hoping for the Mayor. It would be interesting if the First appeared to Faith as her dead watcher or the guy she accidentally killed.

8. Will Andrew survive the season?
Probably. You know how ME loves to have a cast of roughly the same type of character on BtVS and Andrew has Spike's old Comic Relief Former Villain role.

9. Will the visions of Joyce be revealed to be hallucinations, or Helpful Ghosts, or manifestations of the First?
The First to Dawn, POSSIBLY a helpful Ghost to Buffy.

10. Will any former villains appear again?
I wish the First would give us Mister Trick back.

11. Will Real Drusilla appear again?
Probably not.

12. Will Spike end the series as vampire, human, dust, or hybrid?
Hybrid sounds different.

13. Will any of the Scoobies go evil again?
Perhaps as a ruse to fool the First....

14. Will we see Tara again?

15. What will bring Faith to Sunnydale?
A bus.

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