Giles and Anya

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Buffy writer Jane Espenson was interviewed on The Succubus Club on May

Here's what she had to say about Ganya: (thanks Laurie for the transcript)

Jane: Let me ask the audience: how many of you think that Anya should get together with Giles?

Q: You know, I will say this much. I wouldn't be surprised if that happened, because, obviously, you've tested the waters with Tabula Rasa.

Jane: That was -- testing the waters suggests that we have some sort of plan.

Q: Okay, maybe not.

Jane: We played with the notion.

Q: Okay. Okay. And it worked well. They were great together, and they have great chemistry as actors. As characters, I think it's a little harder to grasp, but it's still kind of cool, because she's not really too young, I mean, she's been around.

Jane: No, she's 1100 years old --

Q: Well, there's that.

Jane: -- she's twice his age.

Q: Twice?

Q: But what about Xander? Do you think that Giles would feel comfortable doing something like that, or would it not matter?

Jane: Gosh. Well, let's see, in the alternate universe in which we actually --

Q: She's going all hypothetical on us.

Jane: Yes. I think it would be interesting. I think it is better to have a romance with obstacles in its way than one that has none.

Q: That's true. Those are boring.

Q: The ones with no obstacles?

Jane: That's true. You're right.

Q: Those are Riley/Buffy.

Jane: That's right.

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