"Spike committed horrible atrocities. People are forgiving of that....
My wife's one of them."
-- David Fury, Interview with The Succubus Club, May 14, 2002

This page is dedicated to:

Elin Hampton,
David Fury's Wife!

photo courtesy of http://screencaps.foolforlove.net/

Is this David Fury's wife? According to this site, Elin Hampton played "Co-worker" in "Gone," directed by David Fury. In this scene, Doris Kroger's co-worker looks on while Doris reacts to Invisible Buffy's tricks.
Nice close-up for an extra--looks like she had an in with the director of the episode!

We at Tabula Rasa consider Elin Hampton to be an unofficial but welcome member!
Anyone who can forgive Spike and romanticize Spike and Buffy's relationship
(according to Fury, The Succubus Club, 5-14-02) has to be one of us!

So this page is to honor one of our own--Elin Hampton!

Elin Hampton is a gifted writer/producer in her own right. Click here for her IMDB listing.

You may be interested to know that she wrote the following TV episodes:

Mad About You: Episode #162
"Dirty Little Secret"
When Debbie compiles Buchman and Stemple family trees, Paul and Jamie learn that they are cousins.

Life's Work: Episode #5
"Burnout" (written with David Fury)
Lisa hopes her star will rise when Mr. Nash offers her a shot at a high profile case, but the nonstop shuttle between home and work is causing her fuel to run dry.  Meanwhile, Kevin looks for basketball recruits, but a trip to Philadelphia to check out a hot prospect yields only the information that the player is on probation.

Life's Work: Episode #12
"Boss" (written with David Fury)
The carpet is pulled out from beneath the Hunters feet when Lisa's meddling mother moves in to help out with the kids. Connie begins buying food at the price barn (like "Just Bran" ceral -- guess what's in it?), she turns the heat down to 60, she's blocked MTV, disposed of Lisa's G-Strings, put the children on a sleeping schedule -- no aspect of their home lives are sacred.  In the meantime, Lisa takes a case to trial that Mr. Nash tells her to plead out.  When he comes into court to see her lose, he threatens that one Mr. mistake and she's . . . .fired.

Pinky and the Brain: Episode 23
"Brinky" (written with David Fury)
The mice become "parents" to Romy after being created from the accidental merging of their DNA in Brain's cloning chamber.

The Jackie Thomas Show: Episode 12
"Jack and the Bean Stalker" (written with David Fury)
Jackie seems honored that he's got a stalker. The writers seem less than pleased, especially when she starts pitching story ideas.

The Jackie Thomas Show: Episode 3
"Guys and Balls" (written with David Fury)
Laura's boyfriend Dave decides he wants to become a pro bowler. Laura is less then thrilled after putting him through dental school.

The Wild Thornberrys: Episode 19
"Born to be Wild" (written with David Fury)
When Eliza gets a necklace with the hair of a Sumatran rhino, it lets the Thornberrys know that one is nearby. When Nigel explains that it has always been his dream to see one in the wild, Eliza wants to help him search for one. But with all the quicksand in the surrounding jungle, Marianne and Nigel forbid her to go looking for it. But that doesn't stop Eliza and Darwin from going anyway, and when she finds the rhino and discovers that it is really shy, they become friends. But will she let Nigel film the rhino when he just wants to be left alone and any TV exposure would mean lots of people coming to explore its habitat?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Episode 32 (2-20)
"Go Fish"
When Xander goes undercover to find out what has been eating the swim team, he discovers that Coach's steroids are literally turning them into fish monsters. Coach tries to add Buffy to their diet but instead he is devoured by his boys.

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