Where do I get Buffy episodes?

Sharing copyrighted material is illegal, immoral and fattening. But if you're going to do it, do it right. We don't want you going out there unprotected. The net is full of viruses and trolls. Download responsibly.

The alt.binaries.multimedia.buffy-v-slayer newsgroup is your first line of defence against teensy, bug-ridden, or corrupt files. But lay hands (and most especially eyes) on TimDoc's Guide to downloading before you begin. It can be complicated when you start out, but has the advantage of stability. The regular contributors to the group are very helpful, as long as you do your homework (and read TimDoc's guide!) first.

A much easier method of downloading is via Morpheus, a person-to-person file transfer system. But be warned, you'll encounter bad files, small files and buggy files there occasionally, as the material is only as good as the members, and the members are occasionally snot-nosed trolls. And sometimes they log out while you are downloading something.

Another way is via IRC channels like #Buffy-Unlimited. But none of us have managed to work out how to do this yet :-)

Occasionally you may find a website that offers small-sized RealMedia versions of Buffy episodes for download. These sites tend to come and go, but good luck while you have access.

Of course if you are downloading anything over a basic RealMedia encode, it is best to have a high-speed (DSL or cable) connection to the Internet.



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