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The Myth: "Buffy tried to say no to Spike many times, but she was too weak and couldn't make him stop."

by Dori.


The only time she ever said no, and meant it, it wasn't even about sex. It was about going to the police.

There was NOT ONE TIME that she said no to Spike's sexual advances that she even tried to make it stick. NOT ONE TIME. And I don't call three "many" in the first place.

As evidence of which...

She said stop, he said make him, she kissed him and pushed him down onto the floor. Token protest, because both Buffy and Spike know that she CAN make him stop. She made him let go of her when she really wanted to leave and he was trying to hold her.

In the kitchen, when he touches her, she lets him. She does not attempt to make him move his hand, she doesn't try to get away, she doesn't try to shove him off. Then she says stop -once-, and -still- doesn't try to make him stop. Another token protest that is patently insincere and strictly pro forma.

Later, SHE'S the one who attacks Spike, SHE'S the one who rips his clothes off, SHE'S the one who throws him down on the bed. And when he tries to tell her that just sex isn't enough, SHE'S the one who goes down on him to shut him up.

She sees him walking by. He starts to walk away when she sees him. The next thing we see is them shagging outside. Which means SHE went out and caught him. He didn't come in there after her.

In the Bronze, SHE goes upstairs, away from her friends. When he touches her, she lets him for a moment. Then she says "don't." He says, =again=, make him. =She doesn't even try=, not even to the extent of moving away from him or trying to move his hand. Another token protest.

She came to him, asking him for the first time to tell her he loved her. To tell her that he wanted her. And why? Because she needed her ego stroked. She never once thought about what kind of signal it would send to Spike that she wanted to hear those things, what kind of hope it would give him. She went there for the sole purpose of assuaging her feelings of inferiority, with never a thought as to how it would affect Spike. Because he's a THING.

In point of fact, SHE is the one who made the first overture in OMWF, in TABULA RASA (where Spike is walking away from her yet again) in SMASHED, in GONE, in DOUBLEMEAT, presumably in DEAD THINGS, because Spike sure didn't force her to come to his crypt, and in AS YOU WERE. She's been doing that on her own all damn season. She has pursued this sexual liason relentlessly, and she never once tried to make him stop. She can knock his ass into next Tuesday if she wants, and if she seriously wanted him to stop, she would have stopped him. Because she CAN. It's not like he can force her to do something she doesn't want to do, and we've seen her use force with him when she really wanted him to back off about something. She has, in fact, used force on him so MUCH that the fact that she doesn't even TRY to do it on those three occasions is a big flashing NEON SIGN that she doesn't want him to stop.


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