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Myth: "Spike is stupid, inept, and generally a loser. "

by Zola 14-Jan-2002

<begin rant>

Tell me something. Answer this question as honestly as you can.

You are a shy, head-in-the-clouds kind of person, and are turned into a vampire. Not only that, but the one who turned you is crazier than a loon and she runs with two other vamps who have been terrorizing Europe for years. You aren't particularly wanted, either. In fact, you're viewed by the other two as a hindrance. The only way you're going to make it is to figure out what the crazy one wants and give it to her so she won't let the other two kill you. Whatever she wants. Whatever it is.

Tell me, would you survive?

For a week?

How about for a month?

How about 10 years?

What about 20?

Could you re-invent yourself to be the opposite of the person you once were? Could you do this so well that you actually were considered a "Master" of your new life? And once you knew enough to make it on your own and finally leave, would you stay loyal to the crazy one? Stay with her and love her and care for her? For another 80 years?

Could you stand how the world changed? Before you say "oh yes, I could", tell me something. Have you ever gone back to your home town and shaken your head over how much it has changed since you were a kid? Could you imagine that change magnified by 100 years? How would you feel about it? Could you cope?

Could you keep up with changing technology? Would you embrace it? What about the culture? Could you re-invent yourself enough to become a part of a group that the people of your own era couldn't even conceive of? And do it so well that you blend right in?

If you were suddenly prevented from living the way you were used to, could you reinvent yourself yet again and somehow find meaning and purpose to your life?

I couldn't.

But Spike did.

<end rant>



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