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The Myth: "Spike is a psychopathic stalker and having Buffy show anything but revulsion towards him sends a dangerous message to young women."

This page based on input from Dori.


Mythlet: Spike chained Buffy to the wall and demanded that she fall in love with him under penalty of death

He never demanded that. What he demanded was that she stop denying there was anything between them, that she give him the smallest crumb of hope that one day she might love him. He never said, "Tell me you love me or I'll have Dru kill you." This is a small distinction, perhaps, but I think it's an important one.

SPIKE: Here's why. (walks toward Buffy) If you don't admit ... that there's something there ... some tiny feeling for me ... then I'll untie Dru, let her kill you instead.
DRUSILLA: (nodding quickly) Yes, please. I like that game much more.
SPIKE: Just ... give me something ... a crumb ... a barest smidgen ... tell me ... maybe, someday, there's a chance. (emphasis mine)

Now, given the fact that she came to him and asked him to defend Dawn and Joyce -- at peril of his own unlife, I might add --against Glory, I'd say he's completely right to think she has "some tiny feeling" for him that isn't disgust or hatred. That showed a certain level of trust, there. And I'd also say that Buffy's continued denial of any feeling for him that isn't disgust or hatred is self-deception on her part.



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