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The Myth of the Romantic Off-screen Meeting


This page based on input from Gio, Lisa, Steph, Melissa and Cynthia.

We're not disputing that Buffy and Angel met, somewhere between Sunnydale and LA, after the fourth episode of each of the shows. We don't even dispute that it is an Evil!Writer!Cop-Out to tell us nothing of the specifics of the meeting. (Surely one day Cordy will drag the ugly truth out of Angel!)

What we do dispute, though, is that this was Another Big Romantic Moment for them. Actually, we think it was a bit of a fizzer.

Let's start with their reactions. Both Buffy and Angel returned from this meeting more than ready to move on with their lives without each other. Buffy got chicken on the way home. That's hardly the actions of a woman who has just had one of the most emotional reunions of her life! And instead of going off to sulk or brood, they both embraced their friends and spent time with them.

They both returned from the meeting acting kind of cranky. That points to the meeting's not having led to any form of reconciliation.

The thought of All!About!Me!Buffy meeting with I-love-you-but-we-can-never-be-together!Angel is actually pretty funny. No wonder Angel came home and fell for Cordy!

And the best evidence of all - Quote from Life Serial. That makes it canon, not interpretation.
BUFFY (pretty darn drunk) : "And the only person I can even stand to be with anymore is a neutered vampire who cheats at Kitten-Poker! "


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