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The Myth: "Spike got rid of Katrina's body. Buffy was ready to face the consequences."

by Dori. 11-Mar-2002

She was ready to run away from her problems, is what she was. She knew perfectly well that there was something weird going on, that there was a spell or some magical something going on at the time, that the police wouldn't officially believe her if she said she was fighting demons and Katrina got in the way of a punch and her death was an accident. She wanted to get away from the problems, and she was taking the easy out, instead of trying to find out what -really- was going on. Once she found out that she didn't kill Katrina--and she was pretty sure that Warren had done it, let's just note--she completely dropped going to the police. It's been over a week in Buffytime, and she has apparently made no attempt to let the police know about Warren's connection to Katrina. If Willow hacked into the police files, like Warren did, then Buffy knows that the case was ruled a suicide, and she's made no attempt to get the case reopened, nor has she been looking for Warren and the Troika. If she'd been trying to achieve justice for Katrina's death, she'd have pursued the matter. But what she really wanted was to be punished for being wrong, for having sex with Spike, for not taking care of Dawn. In a place where she got three squares a day, and had no responsibilities for anyone but herself. [Thanks to Aurelio Zen for mentioning this.]

As for Spike trying to hide Katrina's body--well, you have a point. That was stupid. Unless he knew that the body had been dead for longer than it was supposed to, and therefore Buffy couldn't have killed her. Vamp sense of smell, and all. But since they rarely play that card in the show, I think that's a stretch.

I just cannot see Buffy as the injured party, here, when she's the one who's heaped abuse on someone she KNOWS loves her, when she has used someone who loves her as a scratching post with no intention of returning his feelings, when she has been the agressor in a sexual affair, when she's shut him downevery single time he has tried to be gentle, when every time he's tried to come out of the dark to meet her, she's pushed him back there, telling him he's evil. When , even after she's beaten him to a pulp and left him to die, even after she's realized she's using him, she comes back to him and demands that he tell her he loves her because she feels left out now that Riley is married.

And what has Spike done to Buffy? He's given her every bit of love she'll =allow= him to give her. He's told her the truth when no one else will. He's kept her secrets, even when it was painful to him to do it. He let her vent all her pain and rage on him, physically and verbally, because he knew he was the only one who could take it. Gosh. What an evil guy...


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