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The Myth: Buffy is still in love with Angel


This page based on input from Cynthia.

Buffy's post-Angel experiences with other men contradict this:

  1. Parker - if he hadn't turned out to be a sleazy, one-night-stand-guy, Buffy might have had a relationship with him. She certainly thought that she was entering into a relationship with him. She was attracted to him, hence her disappointment at his miserable behaviour.

    PARKER (teasing now) Because I could stop, if you wanted. Your choice.
    (Buffy shifts around for a better angle. She holds his head in place, surprising him with her strength. )
    PARKER (enjoying it) What are you doing?
    BUFFY Making a choice.
    (She kisses him. )
    From: The Harsh Light of Day (episode 4.03)
  2. Riley - this was a serious relationship lasting over a year which involved a lot of intimacy, affection and commitment. And *ahem* lots of sex too. Buffy was very unhappy when this relationship ended. [Didn't she even say she chose Riley over Angel at some point?]
    [insert quote here]
  3. Ben - Buffy contemplated going out with Ben, then rejected the idea because she decided she was more content being on her own at that time.

Buffy has now shown three times that she is more than willing to move on emotionally from her relationship with Angel.



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