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The Myth: "Spike encouraged the relationship even though he knew it was bad for both of them."

by Dori.


But it wasn't bad for both of them. It was actually helping Buffy to deal with everything. Up until Wrecked, she was pretty frozen, emotionally. But after that, she began to take an interest in Dawn again, she got off her ass and got a job, she started to laugh once in a while, and she didn't look like the walking zombie dead all the time. Of course, she was also being the Abusive Boyfriend From Hell at the same time. But Spike was with Drusilla for a hundred years and more. Taking abuse from the woman he loves is what he considers the norm, and it's to his credit that he was starting to see that maybe that was a bad assumption to make. So as far as Spike was concerned, right up until she told him otherwise, their affair was thawing her out, making her feel again, and that was good for her.


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