BTVS - Tabula Rasa: Essays

Some basic guidelines:

  • Essays may be posted by members of the BTVS-TR mailing list only.
  • Essays should first be posted to the group (in multiple parts, if needed). You may wish to revise or add to your essay, based on feedback you receive.
  • You can submit your essay by mailing a plain text file or word document (up to Word 2000; no Office XP files please!) to . Please make sure that the file you send is "clean" and free of unnecessary formatting.
  • Please tell us if you would like to include an "author's e-mail" link on the page (and what address you would like us to link to!)
  • If you later wish an essay to be removed from the site, please e- mail
  • Of course, the essays should have some relevance to the group as well :-)
  • Essays *will* be edited (for grammar, typos etc) before they are uploaded to the site.
  • Both English and American spellings are used on this site, according to the author's preference. Please be consistent!

Happy writing!


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