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We believe in Spike's Redemption, which means different things to each of us.

Willow/Tara and Buffy/Spike - on Relationships and Particle Physics:

  • David: "The way I see the dynamic of the interpersonal reactions, W/T and B/S are like two pairs of orbiting bodies out of phase with one another. As we stand at the break, W/T are coming together, B/S are moving apart. As W/T virtually touch, an external force blasts T off the screen. W is sent wildly careening towards B, while S is just at screen's edge. W/B interact strongly, approaching rapidly, while S is starting an accelerating return towards them. S meets the others when all are moving at great speed, they circle crazily, and W goes hurtling off the screen in the direction T left, while B/S move in ever decreasing orbits toward each other. "
  • Gwyn: " we have moved from Greek myth to particle physics....I just love their a scientific explanation for the B/S attraction."

  • David: "The yin and yang live in particle physics. It's more than opposites attract - it's that complementary particles form pairs : e.g. the up and down quarks. (Ok, sometimes they form trio's, but this is a pg-13 list !"

On Buffy and relationships

  • Klytaimnestra: "My favourite of the scenarios I've seen so far. Buffy/Clem! He's a nice guy; he complimented the hostess on her party; he showed up at the wedding and didn't get into any fights; maybe he saves the kittens and gives them to good homes ... Just the guy for our Slayer!"
  • Elsa: "I'm pushing for Krelvin! Can fix small appliances! Can juggle! Nice manners! Compassionate nature! Of course, if Krelvin comes back to Sunnydale we may have a real cat fight between Buffy and Xander's mom over him."
  • Fen: "Oh yeah... I actually think it would be horribly unfair to Clem to hook him up with Buffy. He needs someone who is nice and will appreciate his sweetness, and who won't, you know, beat him up when she has a bad day. "


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