A Pig's Guide to Redemption

For Buffy's Stuffed Animal Mr Gordo, the question is not "Will he be redeemed" but rather "When will he be redeemed?"

Given Mr Gordo's lack of airtime in the Season to date, his only crime is inactivity. Had he taken action to stop the Scoobs resurrecting Buffy (For example, by hiding in the Urn of Osiris), the consequences of the resurrection could have been quite different. The sense of reassurance that Buffy could have attained after clawing her way out of her grave, only to see a familiar cuddly toy, would have contributed greatly to her mental health. In fact, this season Mr Gordo has been conspicuously absent; and it may be this that has led Buffy to seek out Spike for the comfort and reassurance she used to achieve through her relationship with Mr Gordo.

Mr Gordo's inactivity has also been a major contributing factor to Dawn's isolation and growing delinquency. In Older and Far Away - where he does not even appear to wish his Girl a Happy Birthday - he is conspicuously absent from the pile of Stuffed Animals on Dawn's bed. If he had moved to Dawn's room after Buffy's demise in The Gift, or after witnessing her growing confusion and identification with the Buffybot (Bargaining), perhaps he could have prevented some of her teenage acting-out. Certainly, he would have been in a position to observe her shoplifting and understand that love and compassion were desperately needed.

It is now up to Spike - as the primary object of Buffy's affections - to show her the way back to balance and to a fulfilling and constructive relationship with her toy. And it is up to Mr Gordo to take his place by Spike's side as his companion and loyal sidekick, guiding the Scoobs toward their own redemptive journeys.

- 01-Apr-2002

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