6.01 & 6.02 Bargaining

Spike helps Dawn to cope with Buffy's death while Willow, Xander, Anya and Tara cast a spell to resurrect Buffy. Unable to cope in a Buffy-free Sunnydale, Giles runs away to England.

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6.03 AfterLife

Spike helps Buffy to cope with her resurrection while the Scooby Gang fail to realise anything is wrong. Dawn makes Embarassing Gaffes about Buffy being under dirt and growing potatoes. When will that girl learn?

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6.04 Flooded

While Buffy refuses to face her financial reality, Spike is established as her sole confidant. Giles returns from England but is unable to help Buffy. While Xander snipes at Anya, Willow begins to show her true self. Three nerds sic a demon onto Buffy.

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6.05 Life Serial

Unable to find a place for herself, Buffy tries on her friends lives. While they offer little assistance or support to her, the Troika seize the moment to test her. Little do they know that they are setting up a template for the season. Spike saves the day, and Giles tries to ease his conscience with a large cheque.

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6.06 All the Way

Buffy's neglect of Dawn nearly reaches catastrophic proportions when her illicit date turns out to be a vampire. Giles is nearly killed by a circle of vampires, but Spike and Buffy are able to save him and defeat them.

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6.07 Once More, with Feeling

When Xander's spell causes Sunnydale's denizens to spontaneously burst into song, the mighty force of library books fails to save them all. Only Spike can save Buffy from dancing herself to death, and the episode ends with a kiss.

Spike gets a new costume.

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6.08 Tabula Rasa

As Willow's magic use gets more out of hand, she casts a spell that causes all the Scoobs to forget who they are. When Buffy's memories are returned, she freezes and only Spike can save her. Spike attempts to welch on a gambling debt, but realises that he has to face up to his responsibilities and accept what he owes.

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6.09 Smashed

Spike gets another new costume. The nerds steal a diamond from the museum, lots of things happen but all anyone really ever talked about was Spike shagging Buffy at the end. (apparently they chopped 15 seconds off the end of it and boy are we all counting down the months till *that* DVD is released)

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6.10 Wrecked

Buffy can't walk after her night with Spike. Bwahahahaha.

When Amy takes Willow to a Magic Crack House, and Willow returns with Dawn, Buffy is forced to ask Spike for help. After drooling over his somnolent naked body, she takes him with her to save the day before any lasting damage is done. Dawn slaps Willow, who blames her magic abuse on a Very Convenient Addiction™, and Buffy follows suit. Fade out on Buffy, crosses and garlic, looking extreeeemely silly.

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6.11 Gone

Buffy gets blinvisible (that's a funny word). She plays some practical jokes and then has Naked!Invisible!Sex with Spike. See Spike's ear wiggle waggishly at Xander, who thinks Naked Push-ups are a particularly poor euphemism.

Oh yeah - and Buffy is neglecting Dawn.

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6.12 DoubleMeat Palace

Buffy gets a job at a hamburger restaurant, where the lights make Spike look dead (hee!)

In a Soylent Green reprise (see Angel episode 3.04), she thinks the burgers are made of people.

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6.13 Dead Things

Buffy and Spike do it at the Bronze, on the catwalk.

What? You expect me to concentrate after *THAT*?

Okay, she beats him up and then beats herself up mentally for it. Big deal, bitch. No-one left you to die in an alley.

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6.14 Older and Far Away

It's Buffy's 21st birthday and Spike will let her blow out his candles. Blah blah Halfrek blah blah Hello William - WTF???

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6.15 As You Were

Riley and Mary-Sue Finn are back in town causing wacky mayhem while EEEEEVIL!Spike has metamorphosed into an International Black Market Demon Dealer. Yeah right.

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6.16 Hells Bells

Xander leaves Anya at the altar. Spike and Buffy are mature about their break-up (eventually).

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6.17 Normal Again

Buffy tries to kill all her friends when she thinks she is in a mental institution, hallucinating her life in Sunnydale. Spike isn't there at that point, but we're sure he saved the day somehow.

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6.18 Entropy

Wildfeed posted - Spikefeed expected shortly!

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